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Sic-Pick of the Day going out to our good friend, Jim Warner from Essex,...

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Sic-Pick of the Day going out to our good friend, Jim Warner from Essex, England. You may recognize this stunning 69 Notchback from the pages of Volksworld and VW trends Ultra VW.

As Jim admits, he's had a love hate relationship going on with his 69 Notch since the early 90's, when he first took ownership. This type 3 started out with it's original, reliable and modest 1500, but as you can see, Jim is not one to conform. This beast currently posses a 2332 with 48ida naturally aspirated, fk89 scat D ported heads, full tin ware, MSD ignition strip, close ratio gearbox pro rings and a spool. To keep everything tight and tidy, Jim opted for a tube chassis, rear end ladder bar suspension, motor plate and gearbox plate. We can only imagine this street legal, asphalt crushing Dub cruising down London's Carnaby Street! All that power in such a light car explains why Jim has his hands full with this one. We're still trying to figure how he got this past the MOT. Were looking forward to catching up more with Jim on the track, on the street and on our website pages. #TheVdubHub @TheVdubHub _________________________________________________ #SeenAtTheScene #VW #Volkswagen #VintageVdub #VintageVW #Type1 #Type2 #Type3 #Karmannghia #Vosvos #VWbeetle #Kombi #VWbus #VWlove #käfer #Fusca #Vocho #VWnotchback #Slammed #SoCalVW #vwporn #CalLook #VolksRod #Kustom ___________________________________________ FOLLOW US FOR THE LATEST IN THE CALIFORNIA VINTAGE VW CULTURE. ___________________________________________

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