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The man himself!! @jaylenosgarage “My 1973 Wunderbug, came from...

Posted by jesse dunn on

The man himself!! @jaylenosgarage “My 1973 Wunderbug, came from the dealer in late 1972 with the 1937 Ford front end” jay Leno sure enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing @trike guy. #jayleno #bug #vw #volkswagen #vwsocial #coolvwstuff

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  • Hi, When displaying the Fiat 1100D you forgot what could be described as the most effective yet simple item. The lights for the indicator and main beam, which just by rotating the plastic cover they dim. Simple but effective. I owned an 1100D in 67/8/9 which was everything you say. Even the “suicide doors” made entry so easy. Great little car.


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