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The 70's VW Van

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Popular sayings and images the define the 70s GenerationThe late 60s were one of the most eventful times in US History.From Politics to Pop Culture. All that turmoil gave birth to the 70s.There was an attitude in the air of Love vs. War. Life was ment to be enjoyed and not be serious all the time.This attidue grew its way into pop culture. Into The Music,The Fashion,The Lingo and the Overall Vibe of the 70's.This is a list of the the classic 70s sayings we used to create this design: Far out, Foxy, Flash Back, Funky, Give me some skin, Groovy, Hang Loose, Heavy, Hip, It’s a gas, It’s My Bag, Jive Turkey, Keep on Truckin’, Let it All Hang Out, Let’s blow this joint, Man, May the Force be with You, Mellow out, Out of sight, Pad, Right on, Shucks, Sit on it, Spaz, Split, the fuzz, The Man, Threads, trippin, Up your nose with a rubber hose, Your Mama,Your Old Man, 'looo-king Gooood, Get down, psyche!, power to the people, psychadelic, skinney, shagadelic, Brick house, dynomite!, Rad

This stretched canvas print is the result of sophisticated digital printing technology in which the image is printed directly onto an artist-grade, 100% cotton canvas. The canvas is then expertly stretched around 1.5" wooden bars and carefully finished with hand-painted edges. An acrylic coating protects the stunning giclee print from dust, moisture and fading. Watermark will not appear on finished product.

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