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VW Bus Driftwood Storage Bench-Raw

  • $1,495.00 USD

These hand crafted VW Bus driftwood benches are one of a kind!! They come fully assembled with a whole lot of love and dedication poured in to them. Each Bench can fit between 2-3 people with a storage cabinet built right underneath. Check out the pictures for more details and feel free to shoot us a message with any questions

  • Dimensions; Width-750mm(2.5 FT), Length-2200mm(7.3 FT)  (These are rough estimates as not all driftwood used is the exact same size)
  • Materials: recycled timber including driftwood
  • High quality wood glue is used with appropriate hardware(screws)
  • Two Coates of polyurethane varnish after airbrush
  • Orders can take 2-4 weeks working turnaround and then transportation time on top, but it is well worth the wait as these are custom built!
  • Bus may come slightly different from pictured as each piece is custom built and unique!

* Please note that these are currently only available for sale in the UK, Germany, Canada, and the United States

* Shipping is not included in the final sale price and will be extra after the sale once proper quote is given. 

* Please note there is no return available for this product, all sales are final. We do guarantee delivery in great condition.

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