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    Airbrush Bathory

    AIRBRUSH BATHORY studio is one of the most well-known design studios in the custom paint business since 1996 in Europe. Mr. Andras Bathory has become a brand of style and quality in the Airbrush industry. He has been airbrushing for over eighteen years and runs a very successful business as lead artist and owner of Bathory Pictures Airbrush Studio currently located in Speyer, Germany, and he works worldwide.  The Steampunk Herbie is an actual car, not just a flat picture on the wall. It’s a must see for any VW lover. Cool VW Stuff and Airbrush Bathory have teamed up to bring his artistry to the United States in the form of The Steampunk Herbie t-shirt. This will be the first in a series of t-shirts that will show off different angles of his amazing creation. For more information on this exceptional artist, visit www.airbrush-bathory.com


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