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    Driftwood Soul

    "We are very artistic people and we are always creating new ideas for both furniture and art. Throughout the years, Andy has had numerous VW classics including a beetle and built his own gypsie caravan. He is a graphic designer and also an outstanding artist. Over the years, Andy has been heavily involved in the surf scene and always looking for new unique ways to create. A few years ago, we took up kitesurfing and managed to land a job in Eygpt running at kite school, but ended up having to come back due to family issues. This is when we started creating different kinds of artwork, including the VW pieces we are showcasing here.
    We started off with driftwood furniture and art pieces. Andy made a beautiful garden boat seat which everyone adored. Due to the overwhelming acceptance of his work, we have been creating and making our unique quirky pieces. We started by doing a vw festival which encouraged us to do a seat with the vdub inspiration as Andy had one himself so he knew all the specific details. The festival was a success and we had such a good audience that we felt it's time to expand our creations in to the VW community"

    All of his work is hand crafted and built with lots of love and dedication. Andy will accept custom requests so if you have a VW that you would like him to create, please send us an email with details and pictures to shopping@coolvwstuff.com

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