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    This Is Our VW Story  



    A couple years ago, my brother suggested that we look for a little project to work on so we could spend time with family and friends. He had three VW Busses when he was younger and he suggested we buy an older VW Bus to work on.  I thought that was a great idea, but thought we should do something special.  In our typical “go big or go home” fashion, we decided on a convertible limo Bus.  To everyone’s surprise three days later, I had two donor busses in our driveway.  The 1972 came from Fresno, CA and the 74 camper van came from Long Beach, CA.    

    We asked a couple of friends and all the kids to join our mission and all gave the thumbs up and we were ready to go. The tear down was fast and fun and we filled a dumpster or two. Day 2 arrived and we took a look at both busses and thought “what have we gotten ourselves into?” One of the issues was that nobody on our team had any experience with this type of project.  “Yikes!”  None the less, we were undeterred and plugged in the tools and made some noise.  We kept most of the 72 and cut it in half, and cut the middle portion out of the 74 camper van and rebuilt its engine into a 2 liter stroker with dual carbs.  



    For two years we welded, we grinded, we sanded and we hit things with hammers. We laughed a lot and cried just a little and finally we were ready for paint. Somewhere along the way, God took over the project and we decided to call it “The Message”.  We sprayed a medium dark blue undercoat and got a friend to come in with an airbrush and paint different stories from the Bible on each panel.  We put two coats of clear on after the airbrush and it was ready for the streets.  The seat fabric is a bark cloth from Hawaii and the front seats are out of a Razor off road car.  It seats 12 with seat belts, has front disc brakes and the engine pulls very nicely. We have straight pipes coming out where the rear lights used to be, so you can hear us coming long before you see us.  At Idle, it sounds like a Harley. 


    We’ve taken the kids to several high school dances, sporting events, and have been in our local 4th of July Parade. We’ve cruised up and down Pacific Coast Highway from Seal Beach to San Diego, and it just doesn’t get any better then that. It definitely turns heads and makes people smile…..…


                                    Mission Accomplished!