Razer Stream Controller X


Introducing the Razer Stream Controller X, a game-changing device designed for seamless control and enhanced creativity in your streaming, video editing, music production, and more. With 15 SWITCHBLADE BUTTONS, this controller allows you to create convenient shortcuts for various tasks, effortlessly managing your apps, lights, audio, and more with simple taps. The customizable icons ensure easy visual navigation, providing a personalized touch to your control setup.

Elevate your efficiency with MULTI-LINK MACROS, enabling you to go live or initiate multiple actions at the push of a key. Link any number of actions to a single button, triggering them consecutively or simultaneously for the ultimate shortcut experience. The SWAPPABLE MAGNETIC FACEPLATE feature allows you to switch up your style on the fly, with a range of striking colors available. Get creative by painting a custom design on a blank faceplate option (sold separately).

The DETACHABLE 50° ANTI-SLIP MAGNETIC STAND ensures a secure fit, providing a clear view of all your buttons and remaining firmly in place during use, thanks to its grippy underside. Compatible with leading streaming software, the controller allows you to sort and store numerous actions within a single button, creating custom profiles for various tasks. Enable Dynamic Mode to automatically switch profiles based on the detected app, streamlining your workflow.

Designed for efficient multi-tasking, the Razer Stream Controller X empowers you to take control of your content creation with unparalleled flexibility and style.

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