Samsung 55″ Odyssey Ark Series 4K UHD Curved Monitor


Samsung 55″ Odyssey Ark Series 4K UHD Curved Monitor, 165Hz, 1ms GTG, Quantum Mini LED Gamer Display Screen w/ Cockpit Mode, Sound Dome Technology, Multi View, HDR10+, S55BG970NN, 2022, Black.

Introducing the Samsung 55″ Odyssey Ark Series 4K UHD Curved Monitor—an immersive powerhouse designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Immerse yourself in the expansive 1000R curvature of the 55″ large curved screen, wrapping around your field of vision for unparalleled immersion. The Odyssey Ark is the ultimate choice to enhance your gaming setup.

Experience incredible 4K gaming with a 165Hz refresh rate that virtually eliminates lag, ensuring ultra-smooth action. Benefit from a rapid 1ms response time for precise mouse movements and enjoy blur-free frames with minimal ghosting. The Ark Series sets a new standard for gaming monitors.

Take control of your viewing experience with Cockpit Mode and Eclipse Lighting. Utilize the Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), tilt, and pivot functionality to customize the screen position for optimal comfort. The addition of ambient Eclipse Lighting enhances immersion, creating a gaming environment like never before.

Immerse yourself further with Sound Dome Technology, featuring 4 corner speakers and 2 central woofers delivering a powerful 60w 2.2.2 channel audio. Enjoy the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or soundbar, surrounded by a three-dimensional soundscape created with AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos Sound Dome technology.

Boost productivity with the Multi View feature, allowing users to utilize up to 4 screens simultaneously on the expansive 55″ wide screen. Built-in apps like YouTube and Samsung TV Plus provide a Smart TV experience, enabling gamers to play, stream, and browse all on a single screen. Elevate your gaming setup with the Samsung 55″ Odyssey Ark Series—the epitome of immersive gaming technology.

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