Frida Baby Medi Frida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser


Introducing the Frida Baby Medi Frida, the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser. Say goodbye to messy and challenging medicine administration with this innovative paci-style dispenser. Designed with input from doctors, it ensures a hassle-free experience for both parents and babies.

NO MESS: Our paci-style dispenser cleverly directs the flow of liquids to the side of the cheek, as recommended by doctors. This prevents spit-ups and messy situations, making medication time more comfortable for your little one.

EASY DOSE IT: The Medi Frida is not just limited to medicine; it’s perfect for administering gripe water, vitamins, and more. With its user-friendly design, you can easily measure and dispense the desired amount without any fuss.

NO SPIT-UPS: Accurate dosing is essential, and that’s exactly what our dispenser delivers. By bypassing the baby’s tastebuds, it ensures precise dosing every time, minimizing the chance of spit-ups and maximizing the effectiveness of the medication.

COMFORTABLE: The familiar pacifier shape used in hospitals nationwide brings comfort to your baby. Its soothing design helps ease any apprehension during medicine administration, promoting a more relaxed experience.

SYRINGE: We provide an included syringe with convenient markings for common medicine doses. However, the Medi Frida is compatible with any standard syringe, offering flexibility and convenience to suit your specific needs.

DOUBLE DUTY: After dosing, simply close the tab on the paci to transform it into a regular pacifier. This practical feature allows you to use the dispenser for its intended purpose and then continue to soothe your baby with a comforting pacifier.

BPA FREE: Your baby’s safety is our top priority. Both the pacifier and syringe are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring they are safe for your little one. Additionally, they are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring hygienic usage.

Experience the convenience, accuracy, and comfort of the Frida Baby Medi Frida Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser. Simplify medicine administration for your baby while providing them with the utmost care and comfort.

Frida Baby Medi Frida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser

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