Machine Washable $100 Bill Design Non-Slip Rubberback 22×53 Modern Runner Rug for Hallway, Kitchen, Bedroom, 22″ x 53″, Multicolor


Introducing the Machine Washable $100 Bill Design Non-Slip Rubberback 22×53 Modern Runner Rug, a stylish and functional addition to any home. With a low pile thickness of 0.2 inches, this rug is perfect for busy areas, underneath furniture, and in entryways as it will not obstruct doorways.

Made in Turkey with high-quality and stain-resistant Polyamide material, it is also non-slip with a rubber backing to minimize slipping. This colorful rug features a 100 dollar bill print in shades of green, gray, gold, and blue, adding color and enhancing the look of your home. It’s kid and pet-friendly, making it safe for everyday high foot traffic areas and more resistant to life’s unpredictable messes.

Easy to clean with stress-free cleaning that includes regular vacuuming and spot cleaning minor stains with mild detergent or carpet cleaner. It’s recommended for use in a variety of rooms including living rooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, foyers/entryways, kitchens, nurseries, children’s playrooms, and finished basements.

Ottomanson is a trusted brand, providing quality printed rugs made in Turkey for over 20 years, with the aspiration to embellish indoor and outdoor spaces while always meeting customer needs. Get ready to elevate your home décor with this modern runner rug.

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