Original Lensball Pocket 60mm


Introducing the Original Lensball Pocket 60mm: Precision meets perfection with K9 crystal, the same crystal renowned for camera lenses and optical instruments due to its exceptional light transmittance and refractive qualities.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Lensball undergoes a polishing and hardening process, resulting in an ultra-clear, scratch-free surface. Made entirely from K9 crystal, these Lensballs are flawless, ensuring a premium quality without any scratches or bubbles.

Tailored for both photography enthusiasts and professionals, the Lensball is versatile, working seamlessly with professional cameras as well as smartphone cameras. It opens up creative possibilities for users at all levels.

Your Lensball experience begins with secure and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Designed in the Netherlands, the beautifully crafted box safeguards your Lensball, complemented by an additional microfiber bag that not only prevents scratches but also maintains its pristine condition, free from dust and fingerprints.

Rest assured with our quality guarantee — every Lensball undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest-grade optical crystal ball. Elevate your photography with the Original Lensball Pocket 60mm, where craftsmanship meets optical excellence.

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