Riddles for Smart People: 100+ Original Puzzles to Solve with Friends


While classic riddles have a timeless charm, seasoned puzzle enthusiasts crave fresh challenges. “Riddles for Smart People” introduces a collection of over 100 original riddles for adults, encompassing a diverse range of brain-teasing formats. From lateral thinking puzzles and “What am I?” rhyming enigmas to seemingly impossible stories and clever wordplay, these riddles are crafted to engage and entertain.

Delve into this compilation to:

  • Stimulate Creative Thinking
  • Challenge Preconceptions
  • Hone Problem-Solving Skills
  • Expand Your Vocabulary

But most importantly, these riddles are designed for pure enjoyment!

While you can certainly tackle this book solo, the true delight lies in sharing the experience with friends and family. I recommend assembling a small group, either in person or virtually, and taking turns as the Riddle Master. This way, you not only get the chance to provide hints to solvers but also become the genius when you crack a particularly challenging puzzle.

Please be aware that these riddles are tailored for adults and can be quite challenging. Although the content is not inappropriate for children, especially those aged 13 and up, some riddles involve themes of murder or untimely death. Parents, exercise discretion accordingly.

Each of the 100+ riddles is immediately followed by its answer, eliminating the need for constant page flipping. Additionally, three hints per riddle are provided, each progressively more helpful, ensuring you have assistance if you find yourself stuck.

Embark on this mental adventure that promises to challenge your intellect, evoke laughter (or perhaps a groan), and keep you guessing. With mental exercise always in season, there’s no better time to immerse yourself in “Riddles for Smart People.” So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

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