Rotary Hero – Moai Tissue Box Holder 


Rotary Hero – Moai Tissue Box Holder for Bathroom, Bedroom Dressers, Night Stands, Desks and Tables – Grey.

Introducing the Rotary Hero – Moai Tissue Box Holder in Grey, a unique and original gift that adds a playful twist to your tissue box experience. This holder retains all the features of the iconic Moai, but with a delightful and functional twist. Say goodbye to mundane tissue boxes, as now you can pull a tissue through the Moai’s nose for a touch of whimsy and fun.

🎁 The Moai Tissue Box Holder makes for an original gift, combining the striking appearance of the Moai with practical functionality. No longer will you settle for ordinary tissue boxes – this holder is a unique designer product that adds flair to any space.

🔄 Practical and easy to use, simply place a tissue box at the back of the Moai and pull a tissue through his nose. With its stable weight, this holder is perfect for use in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or any area where a tissue is needed. The Moai’s dimensions of 18×19 cm, a height of 31.5 cm, and a weight of 1635 grams ensure stability, and the tissue compartment measures 9.2×4.7×2.5 inches.

🎨 Beyond functionality, the Moai Tissue Box Holder serves as a fun decoration for your home or office, making it a captivating eye-catcher. The unique combination of its distinctive image and practical use adds a touch of joy and creativity to any space.

Upgrade your tissue box game with the Rotary Hero – Moai Tissue Box Holder, turning a simple necessity into a delightful and entertaining experience.

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