Seinfeld: Serenity Now! Talking Button: Featuring the voice of Frank Costanza!


Introducing the Seinfeld: Serenity Now! Talking Button, where the voice of Frank Costanza, portrayed by the legendary Jerry Stiller, comes to life in this officially licensed Seinfeld collectible. Measuring at 2 3/4 inches, this collectible button delivers the iconic “Serenity Now” phrase and other memorable lines, providing instant gratification for Seinfeld enthusiasts.

Featuring three magnets that pay homage to the beloved “The Serenity Now” episode, this button is a perfect gift for fans of the show or anyone seeking a touch of comedic relief. With all audio clips authentically voiced by Jerry Stiller, this talking button is a genuine Seinfeld collectible.

The package includes three 1.5-volt LR1130 button cell batteries, ensuring immediate enjoyment upon arrival. Get ready to embrace the hilarity of Seinfeld with this must-have addition to your collection.

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