Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand


Introducing the Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand, a sleek and stylish accessory designed to enhance the visual appeal of your Xbox Series X console. This stand not only provides a secure and stylish platform for your console but also elevates your gaming setup with its vibrant multi-colour LED illumination.

Choose from seven different colours and adjust the brightness to create the perfect ambient lighting for your gaming environment. The stand is conveniently USB-powered, effortlessly connecting to the rear of your console without compromising access to any ports, buttons, vents, or other console functionalities.

Featuring 32 individual LED lights, this stand adds a stunning visual effect to your gaming setup, transforming it into a captivating experience. The base comes equipped with an independent on/off button at the rear, allowing you to easily control the illumination. Additionally, users have the option to adjust console settings to halt power supply to USB ports when in standby, providing flexibility in managing the lighting effects.

Illuminate your gaming space and showcase your Xbox Series X console in style with the Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand, the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for an immersive gaming experience.

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